South Nanhu Road Police Station, Shuimogou District Branch, Urumqi City Public Security Bureau


Assessment: our neighborhood administration will complete all work tasks on time.


5. Problems found in the course of daily work: our neighborhood administration’s hands-on household cadres did home visits to the jurisdiction’s self-built houses today, no irregularities found.

Assessment: the hands-on household cadres should carry out a strict inspection of the self-built houses in the jurisdiction, and to immediately rectify any problems found.


(iii) Public order: none

1. Cases solved: none

Assessment: none

Measures: none

(iv) Focus groups

1. Situations of individuals taken into custody or for transformation through education: the Labor Street Neighborhood does not have any individuals taken into custody or for transformation through education.

2. Situations of family members of “two-kinds individuals”: Labor Street Neighborhood’s “three-kinds individual” relative Dilnur ████████, ID number: ████████; Dilnur ████████ actively cooperates with the neighborhood administration in all work directions, with the person’s mental state stable. Dilnur ████████ has already been assigned work at the Northern Kunlun Street Neighborhood of the Huaguang Street Subdistrict. During the home visit today, Dilnur ████████ was watching television.

Assessment: our neighborhood administration will continue to closely monitor this person’s mental state, and will be sure to report immediately any issues to the superiors in a timely manner.

Measures: continue daily home visits, and closely monitor this person’s mental state.

Focus individuals: 1. Our neighborhood’s trouble-causing mentally ill individual, Huang ████████, has checked out of the hospital on December 15, 2017. As the neighborhood administration has learned, Huang ████████ is in Turpan now, with our neighborhood administration having notified the property management, to have Huang ████████ return.

2. Zhou Yi (also known as Zhou Yuan), male, Han, mobile phone number ████████, ID number: 652401197010220916. Registration address: Apt. 203, Building No. 2, 55 Liberation Road, Ghulja City, Xinjiang. Not married. Studied at a textile vocational school in Urumqi from 1991 to 1993. Returned to Ghulja City after graduation in 1993 to wait for employment. While waiting for employment between 1993 and 1997, he made a living running a cold-drinks stand in Ghulja City. On May 17, 1997, he was taken from home by police, and was accused of furtively entering women’s dormitories to carry out multiple crimes of molestation and intentional injury. In 1998, the Ili Prefecture Intermediate People’s Court found Zhou Yuan guilty of the crime of intentional injury in the court of first instance, sentencing him to death with a two-year reprieve.

In August 1998, the Ili Prefecture Intermediate People’s Court found Zhou Yuan guilty of the crime of intentional injury in the court of first instance, sentencing him to death with a two-year reprieve. At that time, a criminal suspect named Huo Yong was detained by the police, whose confessed criminal methods and targets of crime were extremely similar to those in Zhou Yuan’s case.

After he was brought to justice, Huo Yong conveyed the details of 34 cases of violence against women that took place between 1991 and 1998, with his confessed criminal methods and targets of crime extremely similar to those in Zhou Yuan’s case. However, in a later verdict, the court only attributed to Huo Yong 6 crimes of violation of women that took place between the spring of 1996 and August 1998. Huo Yong was later sentenced to death and executed by shooting.

Huo Yong’s appearance made Zhou Yuan’s mother, Li Bizhen, convinced that the criminal was not Zhou Yuan, and she appealed to the local police and courts to have the case retried.

On April 8, 1999, the Ghulja Intermediate Court issued a second verdict, changing death-with-reprieve to life in prison. Zhou Yuan did not accept this and continued to appeal.

On May 12, 1999, the Xinjiang High Court sent the case back for retrial, on the grounds that the facts were not clear and the evidence insufficient.

On November 9, 2000, in the trial of final instance, the Xinjiang High Court sentenced Zhou Yuan to life, while changing the number of attributed criminal acts from seven to five.

Afterwards, Li Bizhen continued to appeal her son’s case, and in December 2011 Zhou Yuan’s case was brought up for retrial, but the retrial still determined that the crimes of intentional injury and rape and molestation of women were valid in Zhou Yuan’s case, but changed the life sentence to fifteen years, which at that time meant that the term would be served out in less than half a year.

In May 2012, Zhou Yuan finished serving his sentence and was released, and joined his mother in their continuous appeals.

On July 18, 2013, the Supreme Court ordered the Xinjiang High Court to try this case again.

On November 18, 2016, the Supreme Court issued a decision to have the case retried, with the written decision to retry expressing that the Supreme Court, following its investigation, found that the 2011 retrial decision by the Xinjiang High Court sentencing Zhou Yuan to 15 years for intentional injury and rape and molestation of women “had determined the term of punishment based on evidence that was incorrect and insufficient”.

On August 25, 2017, the Xinjiang High Court held a hearing for Zhou Yuan’s case. According to Liu Zheng, the procuratorate organs that day had also expressed that this case had issues.”

On November 30, 2017, the Xinjiang High Court changed the decision and acquitted Zhou Yuan following retrial.

On January 30, 2018, it became known from the Xinjiang High Court that the compensation case for the acquittal following retrial had been completed, with the court issuing a state compensation verdict to the compensation applicant. According to the compensation verdict, the Xinjiang High Court, following the relevant stipulations in the “People’s Republic of China State Compensation Law” and the related judicial interpretations, decided to award a compensation of 1418458.31RMB for infringement of personal freedom and 496460.41RMB for psychological damage, for a total of 1914918.72RMB. (Provided by Zhou Yi, found by searching Baidu Baike for the major figure in Zhou Yuan’s case.)

According to his oral account, between being freed in May 2012 and December 2017: between May 2012 and 2016, he went all over southern Xinjiang doing odd jobs to make a living; in 2017, he went all over northern Xinjiang doing odd jobs for a living. In December 2017, he came to Urumqi City to see his mother and look for work, and did odd jobs to make a living during this time, usually residing at the construction site area in the Midong District Industrial Park, while sometimes coming to see his mother in this jurisdiction, but without living here. The house where Zhou Yi’s mother lives now is the property of Zhou Yi’s younger brother, Zhou Jing.

Assessment: following the Neighborhood Secretary Liu Tao, the Neighborhood Deputy Secretary, and the People’s police officer Shi Feng and others chatting with Zhou Yi, it was found that: 1. With regard to his injustice, Zhou Yi said: he believes the state compensation is unreasonable, and is not satisfied with the compensation amount, without divulging anything else. 2. With regard to his current hardships and needs, Zhou Yi hopes that he could have a stable job.

In the evening of February 1, 2018, Zhou Yi moved into the house in this jurisdiction to temporarily reside with his mother Li Bizhen and his older sister Zhou Ning. The neighborhood administration has already put him under focus surveillance and monitoring, closely following all of his movements; home visits are being made daily, obtaining a grasp on his mental state, while simultaneously easing his and his family members’ antipathy, carefully listening to the difficulties they’re facing, and providing consolation. Currently, his and his family members’ mental state is not very stable, and the potential danger of them appealing cannot be ruled out.

Today, Zhou Yi was preparing to take a train back to his hometown to celebrate the New Year.


4. Situations of individuals under community surveillance: A surveilled individual in our neighborhood: Jemile ████████, ID number ████████, this person resides at ████████