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Gulmire Imin
Gulmire Imin
Likely place of origin
place of origin unclear
Likely current location
Last reported det. type
formal prison (life)
When first detained
before 2017
Probable detention reason
Health status
Forced labor cases  Exemplary testimonies  Covered in international media  From prolonged detention to prison  Before Chen Quanguo  Testimonies mentioning specific prisons  Testimonies mentioning specific factories  July 5, 2009 

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Testifying party

Justine, a French citizen.

Victim's relation to testifier

No relation. My testimony is based on information that is publicly available in the press.

About the victim

Gulmire Imin was a writer, website moderator, and government worker, originally from Aksu. In 2000, she graduated from the Chinese-Uyghur translation department of Xinjiang University and started to work for a subdistrict committee in Aksu that the same year (in Aksu).

She contributed poetry and short stories to the cultural Uyghur-language website "Salkin", which she was invited to moderate in late spring 2009. Following her detention, she was awarded the Hellman/Hammett prize for her efforts to promote freedom of expression by Human Rights Watch in 2012.

Victim's location

The Xinjiang Women’s Prison.

Address: 1327 Dongzhan Road, Urumqi (乌鲁木齐市东站路1327号). [This is also the location of the Qixin Clothing Factory/Company (新疆启新服装有限责任公司).]

Google Maps address: https://www.google.com/maps/@43.9351367,87.5810662,1129m/data=!3m1!1e3

Phone number: 0991-6614592

When victim was detained

Arrested on July 14, 2009. Sentenced to life in prison on April 1, 2010, after being tried along with five others.

Probable (or official) reason for detention

Authorities accused Imin of being an organizer of the demonstrations on July 5, 2009, and of using the Uyghur-language website to distribute information about the event (according to Radio Free Asia, more than 100 forum moderators who worked with Salkin were arrested because of July 5). In an offical reply regarding Imin's case, the authorities said that she had taken orders from the World Uyghur Congress to distribute information about the Shaoguan incident.

According to readers who talked to RFA, Imin had been critical of the government in her online writing. The website was shut down after the riots and its contents were deleted.

"Splittism, leaking state secrets, and organizing an illegal demonstration" (Articles 103, 111, and 296 of China’s Criminal Law) constituted the charges against her during her closed trial.

Victim's status

Presumably still serving a life sentence. Current health status unclear.

How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

Various publicly available reports:

- https://uhrp.org/political-prisoners-2014/gulmire-imin
- http://www.refworld.org/docid/586cb8e013.html
- https://cpj.org/data/people/gulmire-imin/index.php
- https://www.uscirf.gov/gulmira-imin
- https://www.rfa.org/english/news/uyghur/sentence-08082010190802.html
- http://www.wan-ifra.org/articles/2014/04/24/gulmire-imin-china-jailed-since-july-2009
- http://www.uyghurcongress.org/en/?p=9898
- http://www.observatori.org/paises/pais_81/documentos/asa170272010en.pdf
- https://www.rfa.org/uyghur/xewerler/tepsili_xewer/gulmire-imin-07102012133206.html

Additional information

Prior to her sentencing, Imin was forced to make false statements on state television about her actions and the actions of her husband, who was living in Norway. She alleges she was tortured and forced to sign documents while in detention, and couldn't meet with her lawyer before the trial.

Mentioned in the CECC report: https://www.cecc.gov/sites/chinacommission.house.gov/files/documents/CECC%20Pris%20List_20181011_1424.pdf

Suspected human rights violations

Article 4: Nobody has any right to make us a slave. We cannot make anyone else our slave.
Article 9: Nobody has the right to put us in prison without a good reason, to keep us there or to send us away from our country.
Article 10: If someone is accused of breaking the law they have the right to a fair and public trial.
Article 11: Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it has been proved that they did it. If people say we did something bad, we have the right to show this was not true. Nobody should punish us for something that we did not do, or for doing something which was not against the law when we did it.
Article 19: We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people wherever they live, through books, radio, television and in other ways.

Supplementary materials

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